Çiğköfteci Hasan Aybak

The last representative of more than 30 years experience in the production of raw cigkofte with regard to raw Kofteci Hasan Aybak, the international quality standards both within the production plant, with a wide network of branches and service solutions package simultaneously the highest quality products that appeal to your taste, the taste of our esteemed flavor offers enthusiasts.

Mesopotamia and Anatolia cuisine flavor of this eminent, in accordance with international standards organization that produces all the necessary hygiene standards in the field of manufacturing and service industry by providing raw meat, raw patties position in the segment of the overall food carried a step further.

There is a time in our country over the territory of the Year 4000, this taste, blending the modern world with the principles of corporate culture in the country and abroad as a place to get a meal that has a mission of providing raw Koftecı Hasan Aybak, dealers, chain, ring adds new every day.

The investments made in the sector to be center of Tarsus and Sirnak, which target the whole country the chance to give a real flavor of raw patties organization specialized in the field of food production and service workers, the vision of a healthy diet with an understanding of the principles of production without compromising the need to continue to represent the best of the way ...